1. Staying Hydrated in the Georgia Summer

    The Georgia heat is no joke. While it is only May, the temperatures are definitely starting to rise and the humidity that we all know and love is starting to make it’s way back around. If you have stuck with your workout routine while the weather has been cooler, then you haven’t realized how c…Read More

  2. Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

    Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a lot harder than we think, and once we finally get into the full swing of it, you start to see how much of a part an exercise routine and balanced nutrition play in achieving your goals. When you’re just starting to get into the routine of a fit lifestyle, you mi…Read More

  3. Snacks to Enjoy Before a Workout

    In order to give your all during a workout, you need to make sure that your body is fueled and has enough energy to give you a good burn. With nutrition being such a difficult thing to understand, especially if you’re just getting started, we see there are plenty of people heading to the gym that…Read More

  4. Tips for Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution

    Fitness goals are always one of the most commonly made New Year’s resolutions, and while it definitely makes the gym a little bit more crowded, we can’t say that we hate seeing it. It is always inspiring to see and meet dozens of new people that are all driven to improve their lifestyles. Whethe…Read More

  5. Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Gym Buddy

    Well, it's December, which means that the holidays are on their way! At Thrive Fitness, we know they can be challenging for many different reasons. If you're wondering how to come out the other side without losing the progress you've made this year, you should check out our blogs on holiday fitness …Read More

  6. How to Keep Your Ankles Strong – Part 2

    Keeping your ankles strong is essential to leading an active lifestyle. It helps you avoid sprains and twists that can leave you waiting in wraps and ice, wishing you could get back to working out. At Thrive Fitness, we know how common ankle injuries are, and it's crazy how many of them could be avo…Read More

  7. How to Keep Your Ankles Strong – Part 1

    Don't let your ankles slow you down! A weak ankle is vulnerable to getting sprained or twisted, and these injuries can extend to your knee and hip. Even if they don't, having to wait for a tendon to heal can be very frustrating. Consistency is what counts when it comes to fitness, and by consistentl…Read More

  8. Tips for Working Out in Hot Weather – Part 3

    We might not have to deal with altitude in Atlanta, but we have to deal with humidity, which is just as hard. Not only does humidity make it almost impossible to ever cool down, it makes it hard to breathe and gets sweat stinging your eyes almost as soon as you step out the door. It can be difficul…Read More