At Thrive Fitness, working out is our business, but we’re also concerned with what happens afterwards! Many people think that everything important happens during the workout, and while it is important to work out correctly, you need to invest in your next workout, too. The way you do that is by being smart about your post-workout routine.

We’ve learned a lot of these things the hard way, and we want you to learn from our mistakes. We are going to take the next three blogs to share what you do not want to do after your workout!

Failing to Stretch

We thought we’d start out with an easy one that you’ve probably already heard. Many people view stretching as separate from their workout. They will work their muscles the whole time, thinking that taking some minutes to stretch rather than workout is a waste. Even if this strategy doesn’t cause you huge pain the next morning, it sends you into your new workout at a disadvantage. Failing to stretch not only leaves you vulnerable to your stress hormones, it increases your stiffness and the danger of injury. Stretch!

Not Going to Bed

When you’re tired, you under-perform and you crave unhealthy foods. It’s the fastest way to undermine all your hard work. Aim to get to bed by 10pm so your body has a chance to repair itself. Because your body will mentally heal itself between two and six in the morning, try to get eight hours of sleep. We know sleep is a fight – everything in the world is against it, from work to parties to Netflix. Be tough and go to bed!

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