Did you know that whenever you work out, you’re investing in your next workout? We don’t mean getting stronger today so you can lift more tomorrow, though that is part of it. Instead, we are talking about what you do after your workout and how it affects the next one. If you think about it, you’re always doing something that affects your fitness, which means you’re working out even when you don’t think you are.

Don’t let that thought discourage you! It’s actually good news: it means you can do little things that make a huge difference over time by remaining conscious of what you’re doing to your body before, during, and after your workouts. In our last blog, we discussed two things to avoid after your workout. Today, we have two more important tips.

Drinking Heavily

When it’s time to get out and have fun, drink in moderation. Drinking too much makes you useless for the next workout. Not only does it give you a hangover, it dehydrates you and brings on the pounds because it’s high in calories and not nutrition. Like we said, we’re not telling you to never drink (unless that’s what you want to do). We’re just saying you’ll be glad if you use self-control.

Sticking to a Deficient Diet

By deficient, we mean protein-deficient. Your body needs the protein to rebuild the tiny tears you make in your muscles when you work out. If you don’t give your body protein, you won’t see results and your workouts will be half of what they could be.

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