If you think all the action happens during your workout, you’re wrong! The times after your workout are absolutely crucial to your ability to work out again and grow stronger. At Thrive Fitness, we don’t just help you out when you’re in our facility; we’re here to make sure you come back feeling good and ready to go again.

The time after today’s workout is instrumental in tomorrow’s workout. In our last blog, we shared some things you should avoid, like binging on alcohol or eating a protein-deficient meal. Today, we have two more things to steer clear of!

Letting Emotions Guide Your Eating

You are allowed to enjoy yourself while keeping in mind that you are fueling your next workout whenever you eat. View food as fuel and it will be easier to make good choices. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you feel a bit full. You will be glad you did when you step into our Atlanta fitness studio!

Eating Processed Food

It’s impossible to get the most out of your training if you aren’t fueling right. Processed foods don’t give your body what it needs. Instead, you need to invest in organic, unprocessed foods that your body can use. You will notice a difference!

We’re called Thrive Fitness because we’re here to help you truly thrive, even during the times you’re not at our fitness studio. That means making your lifestyle the best it can be. Contact us in Atlanta to learn more about what we can offer you today!