In our last blog, we discussed several important strategies for handling fitness and the holidays in a positive way. In this blog, we are going to share a few more!

  1. Be creative instead of using an ‘all or nothing’ mindset.
    • Find fun ways to make physical activity a family event. Go for a walk; play in the snow; explore a new class together. There are ways to make fitness a priority while having quality time with your family and friends!
    • There is more than just one way to live healthily. That means that you do not have to go into the holidays with rigid, all-or-nothing expectations. Doing so is the fastest way to take all joy out of fitness and the holidays.
  2. Exercise early and get sleep.
    • The holidays can be surprisingly hard on your health. That is why you should exercise in the mornings, when you are most likely to have free time.
    • We know that parties go late, but you can enjoy time with your family and friends and still get solid amounts of sleep.
  3. Limit indulgence to a night rather than a whole season.
    • There are always tons of leftovers from holiday parties, and chances are, you have friend and family trying to get you to take some. As a result, unhealthy treats can slowly become staple foods. You don’t have to let this happen. Just throw that stuff out once the party is done and move on!

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