Well, it’s December, which means that the holidays are on their way! At Thrive Fitness, we know they can be challenging for many different reasons. If you’re wondering how to come out the other side without losing the progress you’ve made this year, you should check out our blogs on holiday fitness strategies. We can help you stay on track while enjoying this special time of year. In today’s blog, we want to give you some great gift ideas for your gym buddy, items that will remind him or her to stay in the fitness game despite all the parties and schedule upheaval.

Foot Roller

Plantar fasciitis can stop people in their tracks – literally. We wouldn’t wish this painful foot strain on anybody, but it’s all too common. Show your gym buddy you wish him or her to never experience plantar fasciitis with a foot roller. These little bars provide myofascial release by mimicking a massage therapist’s fingers. They are absolutely essential to enhancing foot flexibility and relieving aches and pains. What a great way to show you care!


There is a huge range of headbands created to suit any need. Maybe your gym buddy likes to add a pretty touch to her gear. You have many choices of breathable, soft headbands in gorgeous designs. Make sure to find one that has been designed to stay on! If your buddy likes to run and he needs something to protect his ears from the winter cold, go after a thermal, windproof headband. Maybe your gym buddy always struggles with drips of sweat in his or her eyes, but just won’t bother to buy a headband. Be the hero. Buy a headband and equip your buddy to workout pain-free!

Thermal Arm Warmer

Georgia winters get icy, and if your workout buddy likes to get outside, give him or her the gear for comfort. Thermal arm warmers are essential. Look for warmers that are fleecy and able to conform to either arm. Check out the grip at the top to make sure it will stay up instead of needing to be pulled up all the time. Lastly, make sure the warmers have reflective elements so your buddy is easy to see.

New Water Bottle

Some people get very attached to their water bottles and use them far past their expiration points. Does this describe your gym buddy? If it’s time for your gym buddy to say goodbye to that grimy water bottle, you can help by providing a new one to take its place. Look for a water bottle that offers something the current one doesn’t, like incredible insulation or special eco-friendly properties.

Many times, a piece of new workout gear can renew motivation to workout. Give your gym buddy the gift of encouragement and support with a great stocking stuffer. Make sure you keep each other accountable over the next few weeks – both to work out consistently and to enjoy the holidays. They only come once a year, after all!

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