The holidays are over and we are headed toward spring. However, spring is still a good ways off, and staying on your game in the meantime can be difficult. Winter’s long nights and cold temperatures prompt us to stay in bed longer, eat worse food, and skip workouts. The natural motivation of the warmer months simply isn’t there.

In our last blog, we discussed some things you can do to stay fit during these cold months. You will be glad you did when the warm weather comes back. We have a few more

  1. Go outside and get yourself some sun.
    1. Daylight and sunlight give you energy, and your immune system will thank you for the vitamin D boost from the sunlight.
  2. If you’re going to work out outside, warm up inside before heading out.
    1. Warming up properly prevents injuries, so do some activities like jumping jacks or cycling before getting outside.
  3. Wear a variety of clothing.
    1. It is easy to start wearing baggy clothes to stay warm and comfortable during winter, but that makes it easy to lose touch with your body. When you want to go back to summer clothes, you might be in for a surprise.
  4. If it’s your style, post pictures on social media or join a support group.
    1. Getting encouragement and feedback will help motivate you to keep aspiring to your goals. If you don’t like posting on social media, a supportive group can be helpful.

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