Summer in Atlanta is serious business. Combine our year-round humidity with high temperatures, and the outdoors become a muggy soup. People don’t want to go out in it, much less work out in it! Of course, you can escape the heat in our world-class fitness studio, but if you love pounding the pavement, working out on playgrounds, or running intervals on a track, the heat is unavoidable. You can burn a lot of calories in the heat. You can also weaken your body and set yourself back. In today’s blog, we’re going to share some tips for getting the most out of a hot, outdoor workout.

Target the best times of daydreamstime_xxl_57464850

It feels like the temperature hardly goes down at night, but the sun still makes a big difference. Exercising in the dimness of a muggy morning/evening is better than running in a sunny inferno. Unless you’re preparing for an event that actually takes place in the heat of midday, try to avoid working out between 10 a.m. and three p.m. If you can choose between morning and evening, go for the morning. That way, you’ll benefit from the night’s coolness and not struggle as the day’s heat is released into the air – and you.

Don’t skip sunscreen

We know we sound like your mom, but sunblock is essential whenever you exercise outside – whether it’s cloudy or not. Even if you feel like you’ll sweat it off, put it on and give your skin a chance. Sunburn can cause lifelong issues – don’t let it happen to you!

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