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Why Thrive?

Brookhaven’s Thrive Fitness Atlanta is a home-away-from-home for many Atlantans. Quietly tucked away on Peachtree Street, right in the heart of Brookhaven, our fitness studio serves as an undeniably convenient location to both the Buckhead and Brookhaven neighborhoods. With Thrive’s clientele, work is put in from the time the doors open before the sun rises, until the sun goes down!

When looking to commit to a regular exercise program, it can be difficult to decide which gym is right for you. Modern day beliefs surrounding fictitious myths imbedded in the “traditional” gym are often hard to overcome in order to pursue a more exclusive style of training.  Location, trainers, and services offered also play a role. Undoubtedly, Atlanta has a wide variety of gyms, each of which have a unique atmospheres, clientele, and method of training, so what makes Thrive different?


Thrive Fitness Atlanta’s reputation is rooted in its boutique-style setting, elite professional training staff, and its renowned involvement in each and every client’s health and life.  Being able to define what makes you happy, what works for your body, and what objectives you must conquer in order to obtain your fitness goals, is imperative. Thrive’s staff knows this, and lets you know as well.

Working one-on-one with a professional personal trainer who understands your body and recognizes what is best for you is the best gift you can give yourself.  Longevity and health are priceless gifts! Every single hard-working client at Thrive remains on his or her own individualized program, which consistently allots little to no room for failure. Accurate ultrasound body fat tests are given every 6 weeks in order to ensure steady and constructive progress, as each client’s fitness program is broken down numerically as well as psychologically.

Programs offered at Thrive are diverse and individually demand distinct features and functions, all of which are scientifically proven to be affective.  From Thrive’s one-on-one personal training to Power Plates and more, Thrive truly has something for each client.