I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for coaching and leading others to Greatness. As a personal trainer, I know what it takes to reach a goal. I was an out of shape, obese corporate worker who started the life of most Americans and gained employment. I worked in a corporate job for seven years, and during this time I gained 115lbs! Work, Eat, Sleep! Work, Eat, Sleep for seven years. I blew up to 365 pounds. I struggled through sweat, tears, pain, and agony to create my own transformation. At the end, I pursued Greatness! I had to follow my passion and transition away from the corporate world and pursue a career as a Fitness Professional. It was time to lead my family and others in transforming their bodies and living a healthier lifestyle. My desire became to encourage and help people reach their GREATNESS. I enrolled in a personal training class and was granted a certification from National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) in 2014. With hard work and digging deep, I reached my goal and with my help, so can YOU. I also enjoy conducting youth basketball clinics. It is my goal not only to teach the youth the game of basketball, it is equally important to teach them life lessons, such as leadership, sportsmanship and how it pays off to work hard.

I went through my personal journey so that I can help others create their own legacy journey. “Greatness Is From Within Therefore YOU Are GREAT!”