Kevin is a firm believer that hard work and attention to detail “pay off”. He understands that this philosophy holds true to both fitness and in life. Kevin recognized his dedication to fitness early on during his years as a talented athlete throughout high school, and on the collegiate level later on. A few short years after taking a recreational interest in health and fitness, he obtained his Cooper’s certification and ACSM ( academy of sports Medicine ) certification in 2005, which began his career as a fitness professional at the age of 22. Since then, Kevin has continued to push himself so that he earns the trust of his clients (current and future). He is an advocate of the phrase “practice what you teach” and makes it a major purpose to lead his clients by example. Kevin is one who realizes that paying close attention to detail when serving his clients is imperative. When it comes to delivering results along with knowledge to enhance clients’ lifestyles both physically and intellectually, Kevin gets it done.