Lloyd Garden, founder of Thrive Fitness, is no stranger to discipline and perseverance. Trained by some of the best strength and conditioning coaches collegiately and professionally, Lloyd understands hard work and the attention to detail. Through this hard work and his attention to detail, Lloyd gained the experience needed to customize efficient training programs for all types of clients, from professional athletes to busy executives and stay-at-home moms, who need maximal fitness in minimal spare time.

Lloyd is no stranger to high achievement. Starting from high school, he set football rushing records in the state of Ohio that exist today. After high school, he was heavily recruited by top NCAA football programs, but eventually decided to attend the University of Cincinnati, and he received a four year scholarship to play for the Bearcats Football team. To cap off his football career, he was signed by the National Football League Seattle Seahawks. Even though his NFL career was short, he obtained the necessary ingredients to complete his unique personal training recipe.

Lloyd used his time as a member of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats and the NFL Seattle Seahawks for his own research and development to tie his knowledge of personal training and athletic conditioning to develop advanced methods to training to help prevent injury and target specific muscles. Lloyd created a full fitness regime from his template of free-weight, bodyweight, and machine-driven exercises, tailored specifically for each client. His main goal is to develop muscular balance in his clients, which is the foundation for more specific goals such as aesthetics, strength and flexibility gains, or developing a more powerful athletic ability.

His methods have touched people of all backgrounds. For more than a decade, he has used his knowledge and experience to develop the bodies and lives of hundreds, including Stanford University’s All-American tennis players “The Burdette Sisters” (Erin, Lindsey, and Mallory Burdette), ATP World Tour player Scoville “Sco” Jenkins, and On the Rise Tennis Academy where he helped hundreds of students reach their full potential in the sport of tennis through strength and conditioning.

Lloyd’s philosophy is that when people begin to work towards better health and fitness, they inevitably begin to see more success in life. He designed his personal training studio with his philosophy in mind. The Thrive Fitness studio is strategically designed to provide clients with the most efficient method to accomplish their workouts.