Rebecca entered the gym for the first time at age 23. From day one, she had a natural passion for fitness and training. After a few years of training, Rebecca entered her first bodybuilding competition at age 25 in bikini fitness division taking home 1st place in the Women’s Novice and 1st in Overall. At this point, Rebecca was hooked on not just fitness, but the lifestyle as well. Fast forward two years and now Rebecca is now and ISSA certified personal trainer, one of the biggest names in NSL Pro league, a Fitness Model, as well as an Eternal Labs Sponsored Athlete. As a fitness trainer and coaching expert Rebecca implements the scientific and practical knowledge she uses in her own life into her clients programs, by tailoring each individual clients program to include aerobic / anaerobic training techniques, as well as a healthy approach to diet and supplementation. Based on your goals, she creates a program that will get you the results desired from effective training along with proper nutrition. As well as having a passion for her work and a healthy life style all around, she truly loves helping others achieve their goals and building a trusting relationship with each individual. “Stepping out of our comfort zone-mentally and physically- is where positive change happens”