Weight alone is a poor measure of your fitness. The scale or BMI does not account for different body types. Even worse, if you use only a scale to determine your fitness, you could gain muscle from exercise and appear to be getting fat! Body fat analysis lets you know the truth! Body fat analysis is an excellent way to measure overall health and fitness. Until now, figuring out your body fat has involved inaccurate and embarrassing pinch tests or underwater weighing that is inconvenient and inconsistent. Ultrasound measurements are not affected by hydration, recent exercise, or caffeine so the test can be performed consistently and conveniently. That is why THRIVE is now offering body fat tests with our brand new ultrasonic body composition system. Through this non-invasive process, we use a sensor to measure the impedance of sound waves through your body to determine body composition. The test is comfortable and quick.

Ultrasonic analysis is incredibly accurate and takes the guess work out of your fitness results. Stop guessing and start making progress!  Know your body and THRIVE! 

  • $59 for 1 assessments
  • $89 for 2 assessments (i.e before & after)
  • $149 for 4 assessments (done quarterly)
  • $259 for up to 12 assessments (i.e. 1x per month)

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