For many years, business professionals with specific needs for business dress have gone to bespoke tailors to get a top-of-the-line suit designed for their unique tastes. Thrive Fitness, like the bespoke tailor, believes that a One-on-One personal training program should fit like a perfectly tailored suit that will meet the client’s unique goals.  Thrive Fitness, with the client’s involvement and input, will create a customized and rewarding fitness program.  One-on-One personal training at Thrive Fitness takes place in a purpose-built contemporary and inspiring setting that represents the fitness and health industry equivalent of a beautiful boutique hotel.

The trainers at Thrive take a “holistic” approach to personal training by considering the client’s individual health, diet and fitness goals. Like a bespoke suit, each fitness program is customized and perfectly “fitted” for both male and female clients. Thrive trainers will rely on science and thoughtful diagnostics to work with and motivate our clients.

Thrive provides personalized One-on-One training in a calm and comfortable atmosphere, enhanced by an open floor plan. The thoroughly modern workout space has been created specifically for the Thrive Bespoke Method. The equipment was chosen for function, not fad, so you won’t see the standard equipment found in most large gyms. The floor plan has been carefully laid out to minimize traffic and maximize both comfort and convenience.

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The Thrive Fitness Bespoke One-on-One personal training program incorporates the following:
•    Combination of matrix circuit equipment, medicine balls, tubing for resistance training, spinning bikes and free weights;
•    Diagnostic study so the client understands the internal and external benefits the customized Thrive bespoke One-on-One training program will have on their body; and
•    Customized nutritional program to coordinate with training.

Thrive Fitness provides a private environment for its clients. Our main concern is to make sure the programs designed will meet the client’s unique personal goals, but also will be safe for the client on an ongoing basis. Thrive Fitness presents a professionalism and ability to communicate that sets us apart from the ever-growing crowded industry of One-on-One personal training.

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