bon_7111julie-testimonialKevin Marrero

Personal Trainer

Client: Julie Yates

“I started training with Kevin three months after I delivered my first child; I had lost weight but needed to lose another ten pounds to get back to where I was pre baby. Five months of training with Kevin and I have dropped 15 lbs (exceeding my original goal!) and am in the best shape I have been in since high-school.  I have worked with other trainers before, but Kevin has truly taken my fitness to another level. My body fat % has dropped from 26% to X% and my dress size is now a 4/6 (from an 8/10).  Kevin’s incredible discipline and motivation is contagious and he is very knowledgeable about nutrition as well. His encouragement and support really keeps me on track every week. Kevin is so easy to work with and very flexible with his schedule which is great as I am balancing the demands of being a new mom and working full time. I am addicted and have just signed up for my next package! Highly recommended!”



bon_7113Deveren Johnson

Personal Trainer & Crossfit Coach 

Client: Christina Jones

“Over the past year, I have started training at Thrive with Deveren Johnson.  A year ago, I found my self relectant to go back to the gym after gaining significant amount of weight due to a high stress job with long hours. I was encouraged by a coworker to try Thrive. I was told it was a great environment with personal trainers who would work to your specific needs.  I took a look at the website and decided to come in for a consultation. I was able to meet Deveren Johnson. He took time to learn my specific needs and was extremely patient with me as I started out.  He could see that I was once an athlete and drew on my competitive spirit.  He continued to encourage and motivate me regarding my training and my nutrition during the rough times. 

Deveren has truly been a blessing in many ways. He has been more than just a personal trainer.. He has become a friend.  
 A year ago, I found myself coming from an attitude of fear and doubt, but with Deveren’s motivation and encouragement I find myself loving the time I have at Thrive.
I would have never imagined that I could go on long bike rides or desire to be in the gym after working a 10 hour shift, but now I look forward to that time.  I have been able to build my endurance and strength through various exercises. With all the hard work, I am seeing the results as my body has changed.  I am still on the journey to become healthy and strong and withDeveren’s help I know I will be able to meet all my fitness goals. 
Thanks to Deveren and Thrive for helping to change my attitude toward working out as well as changing the physical appearance.”
Client: Alex Hale 
“The big difference between a place like LA Fitness and Thrive is that I’d be completely lost if I went to the former. I would walk in and spend most of my time just trying to figure out what I need to be doing, inevitably doing something incorrectly or not giving myself a challenging workout. At Thrive, with Deveren, I have someone there next to me who knows what they’re doing and can tell me what I need to do in order to get the most out of my time there. On top of that, I can rest assured knowing that what I’m doing is safe. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my experience both at Thrive and with Deveren as my personal trainer.”




Meghan Takacs

Personal Trainer & Crossfit Coach 
Client: Sarah Ryan 

“Joining Thrive and training with Meghan has been the best gym experience I have had. I have lived in various cities and joined many different gyms/clubs, and nothing has compared.

Being a former college athlete, I thought I would never find a workout atmosphere similar to what I was used to while playing a competitive D1 sport. Meeting Meghan and going to Thrive changed
all of that for me. I am pushed every day and always challenged in new ways. Being a former college athlete herself, Meghan knows how to get to most out of me and motivates me to continue to get better every day. 
I have seen improvements in my strength, speed and endurance, and truly look forward to my workouts with Meghan. 
Every person I have met at Thrive sees results from their time spent there, and quickly. If you follow the program your trainer sets out for you, there is no way you won’t succeed in achieving your goals.”
Client: Omar Zaman

“To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before”

I never thought I’d need a personal trainer. I’m relatively athletic and undoubtedly determined. I figured my fitness objectives could be achieved on my own. After working exclusively with Meghan for 1.5 years, I realized how clueless I actually was.

Meghan’s impact was immediate. Which, for me, was paramount as I require swift results to justify retaining a personal trainer. Her workouts are challenging and dynamic. She brings a tough but balanced approach to training which makes it enjoyable and effective. Most importantly, she treats you as a person, not just a client. Your personal goals become her goals as well.

For a first-timer like myself, she’s been everything I could hope for (and more). My expectations have been exceeded and I’m in the best shape of my life. If you’re looking to improve your personal fitness, I’d definitely recommend Meghan.”



bon_6997Josiah Igidi

Client: Laura P. 

“I never thought working out would be fun, especially at 6:30 a.m., but I actually look forward to my workouts with Josiah.  He has the perfect mix of being able to challenge and motivate people, while still making the workouts fun and creative. Josiah helped educate me about health and nutrition, so that I was able to successfully achieve my weight loss goals. I would highly recommend Josiah for anyone that is looking to challenge themselves and have a great “coach” supporting you all the way to achieving your goals”